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Our clients would walk into their local mainstream bank to obtain funding to expand their profit margins, start a business, or increase their cash flow for their business ventures. They would get declined for a loan, or if they didn’t get declined the approval the bank came back with was a ‘tiny’ amount. Even those with excellent credit!

Like many of our current clients, we are also real estate and investment professionals ourselves and take pride in getting appropriate funding for our clients as we understand their position.

Through our experience, research, and problem-solving mentality, hundreds of individuals like yourself are obtaining the amount of funding they need for their personal financial profile (or company).

Critical Factors That Make Us Unique…

1. Rigorous Underwriting Process:  ($300 Value)

Our Underwriting Team performs a free carefully calculated credit and financial analysis on your behalf. This thorough initial evaluation is crucial for educating the borrower of all of the viable options up front along with the total funding amount possible.

2. Unique Funding Strategies and Lender Connections:

After we do a full, hands-on analysis of your credit and financial situation, we may offer other current tested options to help obtain your funding target outside of our core programs. This thorough initial evaluation (in combination) with our direct bank and non-bank lending connections, typically helps a client to obtain another $10,000… $50,000… (or far more) along with getting the highest possible approval “amounts” per inquiry. We obtain funding others cant. There are times when a borrowers full profile is simply not strong enough or meets criteria to obtain the desired level of funding (or funding product) they are seeking. Instead of just sending them away, we take the time to educate them, and offer other available potential angles to eventually get to their desired funding goals.

3. Continued Research and Development:

Our research and development team is second to none. We do the painstaking research, and testing so that you do not have too. However, we also continue to test, research, and establish relationships with new lenders, banks, and non-bank lenders, and test viable up to date funding angles for our existing clients. Many borrowers (especially those with deadlines) come to us frustrated after their traditional bank turned them down, or when various other methods to obtain funding have failed or not produced desired funding results. We help you sort through this mess and put you on the proper tested path to achieve your funding target in the fastest speeds possible.

4. Selective of the clients (and broker affiliates) we take on. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity.

Please understand we are not looking to work for “any” client.  We are now only taking on a limited number of cases per month. We do this purposely so that we can have the necessary time and focus to make the best decisions with select applicants, communicate with banks, lenders, private lenders, and spend as much time with select applicants as necessary to achieve your desired funding target.

5. No Outrageous Funding Claims:

After we receive your pre-qualification form along with credit report, the ranges of funding quoted will be very accurate. We do not just tell you what you want to hear. We take pride in giving you the most accurate assessment upfront so that you can make an educated decision whether to proceed with our services.


What are Expert Funding Consultants?

Expert Funding Consultants provide financing for individuals in an effort to bring them to profitability, at which point they earn a return on their investment. They will analyze your credit profile, guide you and provide advice on strategic funding decisions.


What are Wealth Building Strategists?

Wealth Building Strategists provide strategic advice regarding your credit, portfolio, and financial resources to show you how to use those resources to create passive income wealth and take advantage of opportunities in life that will boost your financial well-being.


What are Credit Repair Specialists?

Credit Repair Specialists provide a variety of options for how to handle negative items on your credit report, give you the pros and cons of each, and help you decide the best way to proceed based on your circumstances and your long-term credit and financial goals. 

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